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Blubrry is Moving and Your Podcast on the Apple Charts – YP032

Big things are happening with Blubrry; we're moving and hiring! The headquarters and development office in Columbus, Ohio, is moving up town into a much larger space. The board just finished its annual meeting and planning session and is excited about the ideas we'll be expanding on in the next year. Some very cool things will be shared with podcasters in the next nine months or so. Todd and Mike talk about Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and how the ranking works (and doesn't work). Apple is cracking down on shows trying to game the system. As Mike heads the support team, he's well aware of how important it can be for podcasters to remember, 'Help us help you' in support. Stick around for the five things you really need to know about your podcast even if you are a very technical person.

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Blubrry is moving to new digs.
RawVoice and Blubrry annual planning meeting.
Manipulating Apple podcast charts: a new (old) way to do this.
Shows found cheating the system: Pulled shows from Apple podcast charts. Five of the top 10 from a few days ago.


Apple Podcasts charts are NOT based on ratings, reviews, downloads or anything other than new subscribers over time (Apple only knows). Also, Apple can (in rare cases) manually place a show. Getting ratings and reviews is NOT going to make you climb the charts. Good for social proof, but that is it.
Just keep making good content: Write blog posts for Google to go along with your show and promote your podcast in appropriate ways, and in the long haul, you will grow your show.


“I get an error… ”  When you contact support and tell us you have “an error” please explain what you are trying to do and where you are trying to do it, what the error is and any other information to let us find the account. In most cases, screenshots are not helpful, live links are better. Tell us where to see the problem you are having. It will save a lot of time in letting us help you.
Five things you MUST know (or learn).

5 things you MUST know about your podcast as a podcaster – Even a non-techie one

Where is your website hosted? (Godaddy, Dreamhost, Squarespace, WordPress.COM or ??)
What is your RSS feed address? RSS feeds are the transmitter for your podcast. Learn it, write it down, save it somewhere, but know your RSS feed!
Where are your media files hosted? (Blubrry, in a folder on your webserver, Amazon… )
What email address you use to log in to
PASSWORDS to everything. Use a password system on your browser like LastPass or something that will help you remember all the passwords.

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Colin Gray Tells All on His New Podcast Web App, Alitu

It's been quite a while since Colin Gray was on the show, but he came back with lots of new things to talk about in podcasting. He's known as the Podcast Host and the man behind multiple podcasts. Based in Scotland, he is familiar with all the hosting companies and has been involved in podcasting one way or another for many years. Most recently he came out with a production app titled, Alitu. Released earlier this year as a web app, it spent considerable time in beta testing and will be available for purchase this summer. Hailed from the team that has spent years producing shows, this app aims to help podcasters create quality shows without the need for a highly skilled producer. Check out Alitu in the link below.

Become familiar with his site, The Podcast Host, as there is regular fresh content concerning podcast choices, outlets and general know-how. He also has a podcasting academy where you can learn the ins and outs of how to host and produce your own show. Colin will also be speaking at Podcast Movement later this summer sharing his knowledge of the overall podcasting process and nine ways to cut down your podcasting time. Find out more about his session at the link below.

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Show notes:
Alitu: Check out the new app here.
Keep up with podcasting with The Podcast Host blog and resource blog.
Speaking: Don't miss Colin at Podcast Movement.
Get your tickets to Podcast Movement: Use the code Blubrry to save 10%.
Audioboom: Triton and Audioboom merger called off

Pocket Casts acquired by NPR, WNYC, WBEZ and This American Life – YP31

Pocket Casts, one of the most popular podcast listening apps, has recently been acquired by a few prominent podcasting community members. RAD, better understood as podcast pingbacks, will have some affects on podcasting. In a day and age when everyone can make their voice known, Blubrry will draw the line at some instances; stick around to learn hate speech vs. violence on a podcast. There are many podcast directories out there, and listing your show in the Blubrry directory is one that podcasters should not miss out on.

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Pocket Casts, based in Australia was recently acquired by NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago, and This American Life. They've promised no big changes are coming soon.
Hate speech vs. violence in a podcast. Where does Blubrry draw the line?
RAD or Podcast Pingback: There will be some resistance to adding RAD to apps and directories. It's unlikely at this moment that Apple will implement it to its platform. They are not the only ones that will be hesitant to add the new statistics initiative as we expect some apps will hold back.


Yearly board meeting is quickly coming up at the Blubrry headquarters in Columbus.
When you move from Blubrry, there is no need to delete your account and listing. Just cancel your subscription/payment plan (after you migrate) and change your feed address in the directory to your new service’s RSS feed and continue to be part of the largest podcast directory in the world. In fact, if you stay on our directory, you can use our free stats and we may be able to find an advertiser for you so you can make some money.
The Blubrry directory will NOT hurt your Google search rankings or take any revenue from your podcast.

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Podcasting Tips from Expert Gary Leland

To improve podcasting you have to go through some trial and error. The episode opens discussing secrets that make some podcast hosts better than others. Podcast Hall of Fame inductee, Gary Leland, chatted with MacKenzie about what he has accomplished and seen change in the podcast industry since he started back in 2004. He's been involved in podcasting in a multitude of ways and is involved in the Podcast Hall of Fame ceremony at Podcast Movement later this summer. They wrap up by mentioning a content for students to start a podcast, put on by the New York Times.

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Show notes:
Secrets for Super Podcast Hosts: Dissecting some dos and don'ts of being an interviewer.
Podcast Pickle: One of the first podcast directories out there.
Crypto Cousins: Keep up with the bitcoin community.
4 Minute Crypto: Part of the Crypto Cousins network.
Gary Leland: Get to know the man behind so many podcasts in a variety of niches.
Student Podcast Contest: Hosted by the New York Times.