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Google’s New Podcasting Strategy – YP30

Recently Google has been releasing some articles about podcasting and how they'll be diving into the industry in the near future. Google's new podcasting strategy is already compatible with those using PowerPress and Podcast Mirror. Todd Cochrane is back on this episode and discusses the NAB experience with Mike Dell. Stick around for a few support tips as well.

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Todd's take on NABshow 2018. He's been to NAB, CES and other conferences countless times. He's got some takeaways that some others wouldn't be able to pick up on.
Podcast Movement!: Consider attending summer 2018. This is the main podcasting conference every year and once again we'll be there not only in attendance but as a partner and exhibitor. Use the code BLUBRRY to get 10% off your ticket.
Google’s “new” podcast strategy: Read here their 4 part series posted on Pacific Content. This is step in the right direction for the entire industry, but something we've been focused on for many years. We're looking forward to it improving discovery.
PowerPress is already compatible with this. If you are using PowerPress (or Podcast Mirror) you are already covered.


Again, we love social media but Facebook is not a good primary way to get help from support at any company (unless specified). Our Facebook Messenger and Twitter direct messages are not actively checked, so if someone is reached out that way we might not know for… a while. Please use or the contact form at for our support. Especially if we've responded via social media before in the past asking you to contact us via the contact form or email. For other companies, look for their support email or form on their website.
Recently Blubrry has been getting a lot of “My last episode hasn't update in (insert directory here)” tickets and emails. It can take 24 hours or so to get any new episodes listed in most directories. The best thing you can do is check your RSS feed yourself and make sure the episode is there, subscribe to your own show and you'll know when it shows up.

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Three Podcasts Nominated For A Peabody Award – YP29

Quick recap of the NABshow in Las Vegas last week where Todd Cochrane, Mike Dell and MacKenzie Bennett were in attendance for the Blubrry booth. Three podcasts were nominated for a Peabody award this year, and one of the next events in the Pod Summit on May 5th in Western Canada. Stick around for these topics and more on Your Podcast by Blubrry. Only Mike is around for this episode as Todd is on assignment. Full show with both hosts coming up in two weeks!

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Had a great time at NABshow at the Blubrry booth. We were in the inaugural Podcast Pavilion in South Hall Upper. Made some nice contacts with people from radio, TV, digital and podcasters. It was a great show overall and we're looking forward to heading back next year.
Peabody Awards – podcasts nominated. Ear Hustle, S-town and Uncivil: The Raid.
PodSummit in Edmonton, Alberta Canada May 5th. If you're in that area, don't miss it.


Podcast Titles: How to change them – Look for “Feed Title” in the feeds tab of PowerPress settings if you are using PowerPress.  It takes a few days for it to update in the directories and Apps after you make the change.  Open your feed in Firefox browser to see what your title is currently.
Its now “Apple Podcasts” NOT “iTunes”. Apple is making a big effort to change the name of their podcast directory and apps to “Apple Podcasts” or simply Apple when it comes to podcasting. Whenever you hear someone say (or read the word “iTunes”) it should now only refer to the desktop application called “iTunes”.
Thank you to Shawn and Dave for covering for Mike last week in support! He got a little behind, but those guys took the brunt of the tickets and emails from me while I was on travel.  You Guys ROCK!

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Licensed Music for your Podcast via SourceAudio

Podcasters can now purchase licensed music for their podcasts via SourceAudio and Blubrry. This new relationship comes from the increased risks associated with using licenses for music that do not pertain directly to podcasts. SourceAudio is providing great discounts to podcasts that come through Blubrry. Podcasters can purchase a monthly subscription or a buy out for a single track.

Doug Reed and Greg Riggle join the show to explain why this is such an important part of moving forward in the podcasting industry.

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Show notes:
SourceAudio and Blubrry: Get the details on subscriptions and buy outs.
Press release: Both companies are very excited about this new opportunity.
NAB: Las Vegas April 8-12, both companies will be attending.
Email MacKenzie: Comments, questions, etc.

Music for Podcasts – YP28

Blubrry is proud to introduce a new way for podcasters to get 'pod-safe' music on their podcast. Soundcloud has added technology that everyone else has had for podcasts for the past 11 years. The world-famous podcast, Serial, is back in the news again; that is the case from season 1 is being talked about.

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Blubrry announces podcast music: and via SourceAudio
Soundcloud: Finally, a way yo schedule a release…something everyone else has had from the beginning.
Serial: All the way back from season 1 in 2014. Adnan Syed has been granted a new trial.


NABshow next week! Check out Blubrry's series on radio and podcasting at
Join us at NABshow next week for only $50 (floor pass).
Rebranding a poddcast: When is it time?


Changing the title of your podcast: The Feed Title setting in PowerPress will change it everywhere, but with some delay. Most things in podcasting are hardly instant.
Apple Podcast Subscribe Links and Buttons in PowerPress: You need to put the link to your listing in the 'Destinations' tab of PowerPress settings for Apple Podcasts option to show up in the Subscribe Widget.
Remember how RSS feeds works. They are a pull technology, not push. Directories (even Blubrry) update when they pull your feed, not right after you publish a show.

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