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Apple Stats Beta Is Out – Happy Holidays! – YP021

After a long wait, iOS11 Apple Podcast Stats beta is out and available to users in Podcasts Connect. Recently, IAB recently released version 2.0 of their measurement standards for podcasting. Mike and Todd discuss what this means for podcasters.

Lastly, consulting is not always what people think it is. At Blubrry what we standard customer support may qualify as consulting someplace else. That doesn't mean all answers are considered available as part of your service.

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Apple Podcast Stats Beta:  Remember, these stats are not a complete view of your audience. They only count downloads and listens from the Podcasts App on iOS11 and iTunes Desktop (latest version). Downloads and plays from your webpage or any other directory or app are not included (Android, Google Play, Stitcher, Tunein, Spotify or any other app).
IAB 2.0 Podcast Measurements: Get the update on what changes were made.


Support vs. Consulting?: If your question doesn't have anything to do with any services or software (PowerPress) you may need to sign up for consulting at Blubrry. Typically, the Blubrry team will provide a bit of assistance, but any involved site design, marketing, production, or network setups would fall under consulting — not support.
Soundcloud is NOT a podcast directory (syndication point). You can think of Soundcloud as something similar to Youtube, but for audio. Blubrry cannot automatically post to Soundcloud; it must be done manually if you wish to use them as a second point of presence.
Blubrry is not a destination per se. We are different than Podbean, Libsyn, SoundCloud and just about any other podcast company, in that we would rather you promote your brand. You promote Your brand. Mike is frequently asked where they should promote, not that I'm on Blubrry. Blubrry recommends that you promote on your website. You have a directory listing at Blubrry, but it's just that. It goes to our company philosophy: only promote places you own and control.

We hope everyone has a happy holiday season and thanks for joining us this year!

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Starting a Show, Net Neutrality and Apple Stats

Starting a podcast can be simple, if podcasters follow a few guidelines. A Blubrry intern, Justin Mosley, recently started his own podcast called Pressing Clarification and used a PowerPress Site to get started. Net Neutrality was repealed in a vote by the FCC on December 14th. For those that oppose the repeal, there is some hope. Many Congress members have stated that they will be doing all they can to fight against this repeal.

Apple has released a beta of their podcast statistics, available for all Apple users in their Podcast Connect dashboard. Blubrry is getting these statistics at the same time as podcasters, so please bear with them as they analyze and scrutinize the new statistics. Apple mentioned an API, but did not make any promises or provide much detail, so that will come in time. Feel free to ask the team questions about the new Apple stats, but we're learning as we go as well.

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Show notes:
Pressing Clarification: New podcast from Justin and Rebecca about science, philosophy and entertainment.
Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know Now. What will happen now that it has been repealed?
Apple's New Podcast Analytics. Jacob's Media analyzed what has been provided.
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PowerPress webinar: Getting started with Mike Dell.

Podcast Mirror Is Out – Win in December From Blubrry – YP20

Blubrry releases Podcast Mirror, and is giving away prizes for all of December, with #BuildYourBlubrry. We're looking for someone for our support team, could that be you? Mike and Todd discuss happenings with Blubrry and more on this episode of Your Podcast.

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Podcast Mirror – Read the press release HERE. It's a feed mirroring site for podcasters.
#BuildYourBlubrry – Win great prizes for 30 days in December. Until December 30th, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
If you've been doing your part to support podcasts and other creative endeavors, you might have noticed that Patreon is adding a service fee to pledges.


Apple statistics: what to expect. Our stats (along with all other hosting/stats companies) will not have this data right away. Apple says they release an API, but haven't committed to it. You will be able to login to to see those stats WHEN they release them. No date has been set for that so keep an eye out for Apple to announce something. In the meantime, please remember to be nice to your support people!


Settings in PowerPress: Subscribe Links / Destinations. The links in the widget, subscribe page and under the player are controlled by the Destinations tab and the Website tab of PowerPress settings. Enable the links in Website and populate the links in Destinations. See: Website Tab and Destinations Tab.
Hiring: Part-time Support (contractor) weekends and evenings. Must have trouble-shooting, WordPress and PowerPress experience, and be willing to learn the Blubrry system. Contact if you are interested.
PowerPress Webinar: Jan 4th, 3PM EST. Learn how to add podcasting to your WordPress (self-hosted) website! Click HERE to sign up.

Please remember to keep the content coming! Your listeners need something to listen to this time of year. It's not a good time to have a break in your production schedule.

We hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

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Services Podcasters Need and Don’t Need

With all of the options out there for podcasters to choose from on what can be helpful to their show and their audience, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which services podcasters need and don't need. There are some out there worth their salt that are important every day for podcasting, while others can easily be left behind.

Do podcasters need a search engine devoted to picking apart show notes? Is it critical to be in every directory? Listen Notes may be helpful to some, but it's not a service that your podcast won't work without. Directories are not necessarily going to drive traffic to your show, or grow your audience; solid show notes that work well with Google will. Spotify has relaxed listing consideration and is opening to more podcasters being on the platform. Apply below, but be patient as they review shows.

Net Neutrality on the other hand, that's a concept that is incredibly important to the podcasting world. The FCC will be voting on December 14th, so get involved in the fight for Net Neutrality before it's too late.

Quick update on Blubrry, we've begun a campaign called #BuildYourBlubrry, and we can't wait for some of you to win some prizes. All month long we'll be giving away podcasting prizes and goodies – so check out our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Hope to see some of you at PodCon this weekend, look out for Todd and MacKenzie at the Blubrry booth. Thanks for listening and please subscribe.
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Show Notes
#BuildYourBlubrry: Win prizes from our social media. Twitter and Facebook
PodCon: A conference for podcast who love podcasts.
Spotify: Submit your podcast here. Doesn't have to be associated to a hosting company.
Net Neutrality: Call FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai (202) 418-1000.
PowerPress Webinar: Learn how to setup WordPress and PowerPress for your show – the simple way.