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Podcast Movement 2017 Recap

Podcast Movement 2017 has officially come and gone, and thanks to everyone that Blubrry was able to meet, catch up with and discuss anything to do with podcasting last week. We were so happy to once again be able to head out to Anaheim and sponsor and participate in one of the largest gatherings of podcasters that happens every year. Shawn Thorpe was attending for the first time this year and MacKenzie got his opinion on how the entire event felt day by day. She has been to multiple events for podcasting over the years and they had lots to compare.

Little bit on Shawn Thorpe: He's been part-time tech support for Blubrry since March of 2015 (the same time MacKenzie started). He has been podcasting for 12 years now, and yet this was the first event that he has attended concerning podcasting.

Me and @YoGeek at @PodcastMovement last week. Proof that @blubrry and @libsyn really do get along! #PM17 #podcasting
— Shawn Thorpe (@shawno) August 28, 2017

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Show notes:
Podcast Movement 2017
Blubrry Services – Use the code PM17 for THREE FREE months of service! Don't miss out on this opportunity new customers!
Hyper Nonsense – Shawn's podcast.

Building Your Show – Your Podcast 012

Podcast Movement is this week, the importance of building YOUR show, the Blubrry Affiliate Program, Sound Devices' MixPre-6, and migrating to Blubrry. Todd and Mike cover all these topics and more on today's, Your Podcast.

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Podcast Movement – Starting on Wednesday, if you can make it, use the promo code BLUBRRY at checkout for a 10% discount. There are still tickets left, join us there!


Blubrry's Affiliate Program – What is it, how does it work, etc.
Todd got a new toy (err. tool). It's from Sound Devices, called a MixPre-6. Daniel J. Lewis, from the Audacity to Podcast, reviewed the Mixpre-6 and the Mixpre-3.
Building your show in ways you might not have thought of:

Blogging and shownotes – Write a blog post (shownotes) for each episode and write posts that are similar to your topic in-between episodes of your podcast. Doing so builds SEO for Google and other search engines. It also gives your listeners something form you on the off times.
Get local – Offer to speak at groups in your area community about your topic. There are a lot of groups out there that need guest speakers. It's way to get your name our there out in your community. It's also a great way to get your name out there as a subject matter expert.
TV and Radio in your area – Reach out to the local broadcasters. Offer to appear in their newscasts or shows to talk about your subject. It could lead to bigger media contacts in the national or international media on your topic.
Writing – Consider writing a book or e-book. Being published in your field can be a great way to earn the title of subject matter expert.
Keep listening – Lots more small tips in the episode.


Migrating to Blubrry – PowerPress Sites (Free or Deluxe) is the easiest way. 'Import Podcast' and 'Migrate Media' will move your posts and content to Blubrry in a few easy steps.
Stats at Blubrry – How they work. We explain the delay between when an episode is posted, and when it shows up in the stats dashboard.
Email address changes – Why we have to do it for you. Just contact us at to change your login email at

To ask questions or to comment on the show, contact Todd and Mike here: Note: This week might be a little slow on support. Most of our support team will be at Podcast Movement in California and will have limited access to email and phone.

Podcasting is Here to Stay Without a Patent

All the podcasters out there, let's give a big round of applause for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as they just won their appeal against Personal Audio in the podcasting patent trial. This means that podcasting is here to stay, without a patent that podcasters would have to abide by. This is a big win for the entire podcasting community, and the broadcasting and media community. MacKenzie discussed what this could have meant for the podcasting community with her guest Abel. Abel A. Kay, writer, father, podcaster, lover of Rome – a man of many talents is host of two podcasts – both about the city of Rome and it's evolution over time. See many of you soon at Podcast Movement. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show.
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Show notes:
Personal Audio loses its appeal for podcasting patent – Thanks to the efforts of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, podcasters will not have to pay to use a patent for podcasting.
Podcast El Cuento de Roma – The Spanish version of the Tale of Rome, that already has lots of episodes.
The Tale of Rome – The English version, which very recently was put on hold for release of September 30th, 2017 – International Podcast Day
Podcast Movement – Use the code 'Blubrry' for a 10% discount

Your RSS Feed is the Most Important Part – Your Podcast 011

Gimlet Media came into some (lots of) more money, learn what long-tail and no-fault hosting are at Blubrry, and we need to mention that your RSS feed IS the most important of your podcast. Should you use Anchor if you're on Soundcloud now? Todd and Mike chat about all these topics and more on today's show.

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Gimlet gets another $15 million: Proving once again, that investors are willing to get involved in podcasting.
Anchor instead of Soundcloud?: Let's just say, moving from one free or cheap platform, to the next, isn't exactly a sound choice for your show.


Long-Tail file replacement and No-Fault hosting – What they are and how they help Blubrry customers.
The RSS feed is the most important part of your podcast.
Directories like Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Blubrry directory and others, how they work. We explain the pull vs. push misconceptions.


Having more than one podcast, and how that works at Blubrry and with PowerPress.

Q: I signed up for stats (free or Pro) and they are not working. HELP!
A: Much like getting tickets for a concert, you have to actually get to the concert to hear the music. Same with stats, simply signing up is not enough. You have to implement the stats redirect at your RSS feed BEFORE it will count. We can only count stats from the time you implement them and not before. As much as we would like to, time-travel is not one of our strong suits. We can not count downloads that have already happened. For a short video on how to implement the stats redirect (required for stats collection) see: Setting Up Blubrry Statistics
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