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New Podcast Stats and Tags From Apple – Your Podcast 008

Soundclound may be in trouble, having a Plan B for your podcast if things go sideways, Apple's new tags and stats and lastly, speeding up support if you're a Blubrry customer. All of that with Mike and Todd, covering a whole plethora of topics. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe on


Soundcloud – Rumors they are deferring salary reviews indefinitely.



Plan B – Have one, no matter who you're hosting with.
Apple's new RSS tags and stats – Coming in iOS 11's Podcast app update: What is does and does not do (such as giving you stats for the rest of your listeners, like Android or 3rd part apps).
Global stats – Blubrry's insight.
Blubrry Stats Refresh! – It's finalllly working for our pro stats customers.

Tech Support:

Help us help you! – You can speed up your support time by telling us your feed address and Blubrry account email.
Linking! – Connect your PowerPress / WordPress site to Blubrry (including your PowerPress Site). This also helps us help you if there is a problem. Bonus – you're included in the Blubrry directory, the largest in the world.
Replacing a file – On our CDN a file is propogated to data centers all over the world. If you replace a file on our hosting server, it can take time to get the new version everywhere. To speed this process up, when you replace a file email so we can refresh the cache. That helps the CDN get the file to everyone quicker.
Support hours – Our main hours are 9-5 ET. And remember our advice, provide the following: File name, feed, and Blubrry account email. We'll find everything much faster.

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The Next Track and Apple’s RSS Feed Tags

Big thanks to Kirk McElhearn and Angelo Mandato for being on this episode of the PowerPress Podcast. Before the discussion about new rss feed tags, they start the episode talking about some of Apple's announcements from WWDC earlier this month as well as the show that Kirk co-hosts, The Next Track. His podcast dissects how people listen to music and has featured many well-known authors, artists and music lovers. They have lots to say on the topic of preparing for your podcast, so if you're looking for advice and what to do before you start your show, make sure to listen.

Angelo was kind enough to explain the technicalities of Apple's new RSS feed tags that will be in PowerPress very shortly, and work well with the new iOS Podcast App release in the fall. Be on the lookout for a release of PowerPress very shortly. Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe to the podcast!
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Show notes:
Apple Podcast Statistics Info
Will Apple Fix the Podcast Statistics Issue?
The Next Track
Preparing for and Launching Your Show
Eight Rules for Effective Podcasting

Ad Free Podcasting and MP3’s are Now Illegal? – Your Podcast 007

This episode of Your Podcast was recorded while Todd was on the road. Perfect time for Todd and Mike to talk about some road show tips for recording your show and making the best of it while traveling. There's a lot of talk happening right now, and they clear up some rumors that are true and some that are not true about podcasting. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show!



WWDC Podcast App Update
*** We didn’t know about the RSS feed tags they added or the episode stats that will be provided in iOS11’s Podcasts app. Coverage on that to come.***
Rumor Control! Downloading MP3’s is now illegal (not true).
Ad Free Podcasting – Stitcher offering “ad free” podcast listening for a fee.

Tech Support

You have to publish an episode before you submit. To be published in a podcast directory, you have to have a podcast first. That means a podcast post in your RSS feed and all the other requirements. Your site (if you are using WordPress) can not be in “coming soon” mode. It has to be published and public. Just like in the phone book, you need to have a phone number before you will be in the phone book. If you want to be in the directories before you first real episode. Record an intro episode (episode zero) and publish. This will get your feed ready to go and get everything submitted before you go with episode 1 or your “launch.”
Waiting on iTunes – Changes and new episodes can take 24 hours or more to update in the Apple Podcasts directory (Formerly iTunes). This is the same for most podcast directories and apps.

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Apple’s Conference, a Twist on a Physical Therapy Show and Music in Podcasts

The guest on this episode of the PowerPress Podcast is Jimmy McKay, host of the PT Pintcast. He chats with MacKenzie about the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, starting Monday June 5th, through Friday June 9th, and the fact that for the first time, they'll be having a podcaster studio for recording. Jimmy shares why he started his show and how it has and still is changing. They end the show with a passionate discussion on licensed music in podcasts – just don't do it! Thanks for listening and please subscribe. If you'd like to be on the show, email MacKenzie!
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Show notes:
Apple WWDC 2017 – Podcaster Studio
PT Pintcast – Jimmy McKay
Why Can't Music Be Played In Podcasts?
Phonophage – Alex Card
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Blubrry Twitter