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Is MP3 Dead? PowerPress Sites Deluxe Launched! – Your Podcast 006

In this episode of Your Podcast Todd and Mike talk about PowerPress Sites Deluxe – it's finally here, clarify and explain how MP3's are not actually dead. After a curious listener emailed them, they addressed some podcasting events, and finished up the episode discussing MP3 encoding tops to save you storage space and bandwidth. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show!




PowerPress Sites Deluxe is available!


Is the MP3 dead? No!
Using your webhost server for your podcast hosting: Don't do it! We have been migrating several people's podcast files over to Blubrry due to their webhost cracking down on the amount of storage used, or the bandwidth used by the media. Often times, when you read the fine print for most web hosting companies, they mention something along the lines of “Large media files are not included or supported in this hosting plan…”

Email from a Listener:
Hi Todd & Mike,

I'm enjoying the new podcast and appreciate hearing your take on various things in the podcast world.

You two mentioned recently attending the NAB show which made me wonder, as I'm getting close to launching my first podcast, what podcast conferences are out there that you would recommend as a good place to learn and connect with others in the podcasting space for someone totally new?

I'm also curious if you have any suggestions for finding other podcasters to possibly connect with locally? Does blubrry have any sort of location based directory?

I look forward to the next episode. Thanks!

To answer Bekah, here is a list of some podcast events that we know of:

Podcast Movement Aug. 23-25th 2017 – Use promo code BLUBRRY for a 10% off!
Podfest US in Florida
NRB Proclaim! 18
Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference
Podcamps There are still some active.
WordCamps Also great for podcasters to check out!
Local Meetups NE Ohio, Kansas City, Columbus OH and many more. Newsletter, and they have a list of events as well.


MP3 Encoding

Make sure you are saving with a 44.1khz (or 44100hz) sample rate.
128kbps Stereo or 64kbps Mono Constant Bit Rate (CBR).
128kbps Stereo will give you 1mb per minute file size.
64kbps Mono will give you the same quality as 128 at half the size (½ mb per minute) which saves YOU on hosting and bandwidth and saves your listeners time and data on their cell plans.
AAC files are OK. MP3s are still the most compatible for now, but this could change in the future.

To ask questions or to comment on the show, contact Todd and Mike here:

PowerPress Podcast In Reverse and an Important Blubrry Release

Meredith Adler, a podcaster from North Carolina was MacKenzie's guest for episode 45. This week they went with a different tactic – Meredith interviewing MacKenzie about Blubrry, PowerPress and podcasting. They briefly discuss a potential new podcasting event, PowerPress Sites (Deluxe is finally out!), as well as Meredith's show that she started in the fall of 2016. Check out links below for more details and thanks for listening.
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Show notes:
What is PodCon?
PodCon Indiegogo Campaign – Donate!
Blubrry Forum
PowerPress Webinar Video
PowerPress Sites
Local Hearted – Meredith Adler show

New Echo With Video and Blubrry Accounts Explained – Your Podcast 005

Todd and Mike talk about the new Echo Devices from Amazon, the Podcast Awards relaunch, Small Batch Audio Kickstarter, and about how Blubrry accounts are organized. Also, we answer the question “How many subscribers do I have?” Thanks for listening and please subscribe.
– Podcast Awards – Relaunched and with new rules
– SmallBatch.Audio Kickstarter
– Alexa Echo Show – Alexa exists in what looks like an “iPad” lookalike, including video and camera.
– Alexa calling and messaging enabled
PowerPress Sites Deluxe will include the following:
– A fully managed WordPress Website
– More theme options
– Domain mapping
– DNS control
– Email forwarding
– More plugin selections
Accounts at explained:
– Login account – What you use to sign into your overall Blubrry account.
– Show listing – Your show's listing in Blubrry. You can add hosting, stats, PPS to each listing.
– Hosting or Stats subscriptions – These are hosting or stats for individual shows.
When you ask us to “delete” an account, this means your your login will no longer work and ALL of your serivces and listings will be turned off. We regularly received 2 or 3 deletion requests a week, that then wonder why they cannot login anymore.
We get this question all the time: “How many subscribers do I have?” The short answer is, there is no way to tell, listen to the show for a better explanation.

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Columbus Podcast Festival and Blubrry Updates

If you're interested to know what Blubrry has been to up, this is a great time to catch up on the PowerPress Podcast. MacKenzie doesn't have a guest but talks about what the Blubrry team has been doing, such as attending the Columbus Podcast Festival and working on PowerPress Sites Deluxe. If you haven't heard, Twitter is also up to something new concerning live streaming, with an unknown launch date. Shawn Thorpe graciously shares another PowerPress tip at the end of the episode as well. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show!
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Show notes:
Columbus Podcast Festival
PowerPress Sites Deluxe
Twitter – Live Streaming

NAB Show Las Vegas Recap and Bill O’Reilly is Podcasting – Your Podcast 004

On today's episode, Todd and Mike talk about the NAB Show in Vegas last week, a major broadcaster moving to podcasting and whether or not 22 minutes (or any particular time) is the perfect length for a podcast episode. Sorry for the blown out voices this episode, Vegas is loud!  🙂



Bill O’Reilly gets fired at Fox News, turns to premium podcasting
Todd and the 3 Robs (McCracken, Greenlee and Walch) at NAB Show talking about podcasting and radio


NAB Show April 22-27, 2017
NDI and AOIP were a theme at NAB. Wirecast and many others implementing the protocol
22 minutes – the ideal length for a podcast?


Changing RSS Feeds, show titles, email addresses, etc. on your Blubrry listing.

Your Blubrry directory listing — all the information comes from the settings in your RSS feed. You can change the title, description, etc in your feed. This will be reflected in directories. (Apple, Google, Stitcher and everywhere else).
You can change the feed that Blubrry’s directory is looking at in the “Listing Settings” menu in the Podcaster Dashboard. No need to delete your listing or account to change the feed – contact support!
Same with email address. Contact support and we'll help you out.

Blubrry hosting quotas reset on the 1st of every month. Not on your payment date. If you upgrade or downgrade, the uploads for that month still count against your new quota until the 1st of the month.


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