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Dealing with the Unpredictable with Chris Savage

Episode 39 of the PowerPress Podcast is here. In this episode, MacKenzie speaks with Chris Savage of the Eclectablog about the podcast he co-hosts, The Sit and Spin Room with LOLGOP & Eclectablog. A political podcast, Chris and Jason decided to start the show right before the 2016 U.S. presidential election and have now reached episode 20. They discuss why it's important when doing a podcast on politics to be flexible and have ideas on how to deal with the unpredictable. Thank you Daniel J. Lewis for the blog post on how to deal with life's twists and turns when it comes to your podcast.

MacKenzie and Chris end the show by talking about how to become renowned as an expert in your field by way of being a podcast guest or host. Thanks for listening and please subscribe!
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Show notes:
How to Continue Podcasting When Your Life Is Unpredictable – Daniel Lewis
Eclectablog – The Sit and Spin with LOLGOP & Eclectablog
The New Expert Platform: Using Podcast Interviews for Thought Leadership Marketing

Creating a Balanced Life with Guest Rhonda Cimorelli

If you've ever felt like you needed to transform your life or needed a little more balance, specifically if you're a mom, this week's PowerPress Podcast guest Rhonda Cimorelli can help you. Before Rhonda and MacKenzie chat about her show, they go over some mistakes podcasters make and, most importantly, how to avoid them. Rhonda has loads of experience and, as a certified life transformation coach, she is helping “momprenuers” and others create a more balanced work and family life. At the end of the show they talk about the new podcast, S-Town being released by the This American Life and Serial team. The team claims to have a new podcasting format, so storytellers, tune in. Thanks for listening and please subscribe!
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Show notes:
Common Podcasting Mistakes
A Balanced Life For You – Rhonda Cimorelli
Serial Creates S-Town
Blubrry Twitter
Blubrry is Hiring!!
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