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Copyright and Trademark Differences in Podcasting

Podcasts are supposed to be an art, about creativity, but they're not always that easy. Barry Kantz, RawVoice and Blubrry team member joins MacKenzie on the show to give podcasters some pointers about protecting their show against issues with copyright and trademark. He explains and points out the differences between copyright and trademark material. We didn't leave out news articles for episode 32 of the PowerPress Podcast. If you're a fan of Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac or David Schwimmer, go download the new podcast, Homecoming; Gimlet Media got actors to voice the new show. And those of you that are looking for a new service to record their show easily with others that are not in the same room, test out Cleanfeed. Record in your browser, download the file, pretty simple for any podcaster. Thanks for listening and subscribe on iTunes, PocketCasts, GooglePlay, etc.
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Show notes:

Homecoming Podcast – Gimlet Media
Fair Use in Copyright
Cleanfeed Recording
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Getting Wise About Podcasting

Ken Wise recently celebrated his 1 year podcasting anniversary and is the guest on episode 31 of the PowerPress Podcast. MacKenzie and Ken talk about his show, Wise About Texas, that focuses on all kinds of history that pertains to the great state of Texas. As for recent news, well, there's another podcasting studio available to the public. If you're in the St. Louis area and looking for an easy podcast recording solution, check this out. Check out the link below for more details. And for those of you out there that are interested in transcripts for your show, there's another tool coming your way! It's in beta now, but autoEdit will be available in the future. Those of you looking to test, be aware, it's open source. MacKenzie caught up on her podcast chronicle – check out the picture below of the new studio setup. Thanks for listening and hit one of the many subscribe buttons to the show!
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Show notes:
Wise About Texas

2GuysTalking Podcast Studio

autoEdit – Open source tool for transcripts

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