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Ways to Stream an Event and International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day is coming up quickly and MacKenzie and Steve Lee talk about how you can celebrate and just what this day is about on the latest PowerPress Podcast. First off, for an event such as Podcast Day, streaming services are very important, and we discuss the value of a service, Voice Republic based out of Europe. For those of you that are looking to live stream your seminar or speaking session, particularly with a piece of hardware, this may be your answer. We dig into why International Podcast Day was started, who works on it, how people celebrate – such as conversations from 14+ countries all over the world, and most importantly bringing the podcasting community together. Steve has also started a podcast network, Modern Life Network, so in the discussion about creating a network from your podcast, he had some personal insight on the matter. Thanks for listening and subscribe to the show, and please leave a review for PowerPress! Happy podcasting.
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Chatting with Nancy Gaines and Gaining Insights on IAB Ad Metrics

Hello again! This episode of the PowerPress Podcast MacKenzie spoke with Nancy Gaines and they talked about her podcast, The Nancy Gaines Show, as well as the IAB Podcast Ad Metrics Guidelines document that was released earlier this week. For those of you that don't know, the Hitachi Foundation helps businesses that are helping the economy thrive and improve. They also happen to have a podcast coming up soon, the Cambridge Optimists. You can submit your story to be on the podcast – that is if you're an entrepreneur. Next up in the episode, MacKenzie learns all about Nancy's consulting team and business and what she loves about podcasting. She's also a big fan of Blubrry tools and services. Lastly, Blubrry was heavily involved in the creation of the IAB Podcast Ad Metrics Guidelines that were recently released to the public. These guidelines ensures everyone is on the same page for podcast advertising, and sheds light on information that not all podcasters, media buyers, etc previously were not aware of. Please, listen and subscribe! Thank you!

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