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Starting a podcast network with Meagan Francis

Have you ever wanted to start your own mini podcast network? On this episode of the PowerPress Podcast MacKenzie speaks with Meagan Francis, podcaster, blogger, and creator of the Life Listened podcast network. MacKenzie and Meagan discuss reasons why your business should have a podcast, diving a little deeper than the original list, and all about the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame inductees for 2016. After you listen check out the links below for more details.
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Show notes:

4 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Podcast
Life Listened
Podcaster's Hall of Fame
Email MacKenzie
Podcast Awards Fund

Podcast Numbers, and Podcast Movement with Brian Dunning

MacKenzie had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Dunning on the podcast this episode. He's been a podcaster for over ten years now and they discuss just what makes his podcast, Skeptoid, stand out from the rest. Have you heard the latest podcast listener numbers? Before this podcast was recorded we got some great news that monthly podcast listening has increased from 17% to 21%. We've included a link for more detailed information about this below, but for a preview — weekly listening has increased from 10% to 13% and 36% of Americans people have listened to a podcast.

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Show notes:
Infinite Dial Podcast Research
Brian Dunning, Skeptoid
Podcast Movement Ticket
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