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Proclaim16, Apple changes and the New PowerPress

In this episode Mike Dell, Lead Support Tech for Blubrry & RawVoice fills in for MacKenzie who is on assignment. Actually, she’s in Nashville at the Proclaim16 conference along with our CIO Angelo Mandato who reports LIVE from Nashville.


Blubrry Community Newsletter is out on the street, so to speak.

Political Podcasts – There is now a plethora of political podcasts for “political junkies” to enjoy. Jen Thorpe over at PodcasterNews has a list of some of the best political podcasts out there.

Proclaim 2016 – Nashville, TN

Angelo and MacKenzie reporting “live” from Nashville.

PowerPress Update:

The current version of PowerPress is 6.3.2.

It includes some updates for required iTunes items such as Explicit tags and quite a few others. Here is the change log:

Added import podcast from Squarespace option (thanks Steve for bringing to our attention that importing from Squarespace requires added logic)
The itunes:summary tag values can now use CDATA encapsulation. Note updated that may not contain HTML, except for hyperlinks. (Thanks Apple iTunes team!)
Added checkbox to enable wrapping iTunes summary values with
Added new define option POWERPRESS_FEED_TEMPLATE. (Thanks Ron for the suggestion!)
Added new define option POWERPRESS_PREMIUM_GROUPS_PLUGIN, for premium podcasting with Groups plugin commonly paired with WooCommerce.
Removed iTunes explicit 'no' value from tag. (iTunes change – February, 2016)
Updated iTunes recommended image size to 3000 x 3000 saved in a compressed format such as JPG. (iTunes change – February, 2016)

Fixed notice message from appearing when using the playlist player (Thanks chefjoef for bringing to our attention).
Added width and height attributes to img tag for the HTML5 audio player image. (Thanks Eduard for the patch and information about the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project!)
Fixed tab control styling when other themes or plugins use newer versions of jquery-ui.
Added dismissable notification message to alert PowerPress users of the latest iTunes changes.

Apple Podcasts Connect: Apple changed the way you submit a feed to them to a website based system. We have updated the Podcast Manual with the new information:

Blubrry Tip of the Week: (A feature I do at Podcast Help Desk)

Populate your RSS feed setting at if you are not using the feed for your podcast. This gives your listing in the Blubrry directory a way to stay up to date. It also makes it easier for us tech support types to help you troubleshoot any problems you might have.

If you are using for your podcast website, this is not needed and can cause your listing to have duplicates.
Thanks for listening to the PowerPress podcast, Information and Ideas to Power your Podcast, from the Team at Blubrry.

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Podcast Advertising Opportunities

This episode of the PowerPress Podcast was a little different. Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and Blubrry, joined MacKenzie to talk about advertising on your podcast. It's been a topic that they've wanted to talk about for a while now and you get the inside scoop on how it works with Blubrry. News kind of took a hit this week on the podcast, but MacKenzie got in her podcast chronicle of the week as well. Leave us a review for PowerPress!

The iTunes explicit / clean setting…

As we mentioned before, the setting has changed. It applies to the entire program (also referred to as the RSS channel) as well as to the episodes (also referred to as RSS items). iTunes has rolled out an update to their podcast directory that now strictly displays, either a 'clean' or 'explicit' tag next to each podcast program listing, as well as next to each episode. The previous behavior allowed for a 3rd option, which was the ability to not specific clean or explicit. Most podcasters selected the 'no' option for the explicit which displayed nothing. The belief was that the 'clean' tag was intended for content that was safe for all ages and if you show wasn't intended for children, it didn't matter. Now it does. Please take a moment to review your PowerPress setting and make sure you have 'clean' or 'explicit' selected in your settings under iTunes.

Intro and outro music provided by Phonophage

Show notes:

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