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Using seasons for your podcast

This week MacKenzie has Colin Gray on the PowerPress Podcast. He talks about using seasons for your podcast and how to use this ability in PowerPress. Colin has been podcasting for almost 11 years and been focusing on seasons since the beginning. A recent article about Gimlet Media sparked a conversation about money in podcasting – the effect it has on companies and podcasters. We wrap up the show debating podcast apps, specifically Fable. Thanks for listening!



Show notes:

Gimlet Media Fundraising

Acast and Buzzfeed

Fable App

Colin Gray podcast

Categories and Channels in PowerPress

This week MacKenzie is joined by Shawn Thorpe on the podcast, a fellow Blubrry / RawVoice team member. He tells all about categories and channels in PowerPress and what might be best for you to use on your podcast. MacKenzie and Shawn discuss Podcast Movement — get your tickets on sale now! and NaPodPoMo. Don't know what that stands for, take look at the links below and listen to get all the details from Shawn. He has years of experience with PowerPress so we've got a great episode for you.


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Show notes:

Podcast Movement Tickets

Channels in PowerPress

Categories in PowerPress


NaPodPoMo wrap-up

Shawn's Podcast  – Hyper Nonsense